Management of Sleep Apnea


 Sleep time is for rest and if you get enough of it you will be in a position to face the next day with much vigor. However, people with sleep apnea do not have it that easy.   If you have ever slept next to someone who is suffering from sleep apnea then you know how bad it can get. However, snoring is just part of the problem.   The main reason behind the sleep apnea is the airway obstruction and this is not something to joke about.  The good thing is that there are quite a number of ways which can be used to manage sleep apnea.   Anyone who has sleep apnea should give CPAP therapy a try.  However, you will have to sleep with a mask on and it is not a cup of tea for everyone.   No matter how you may be opposed to the idea you may want to consider it in order to avoid other effects which might be brought about by sleep apnea.   Do not conclude that someone has sleep apnea just because he or she snores when sleeping.  This is rather a serious sleep disorder that should be diagnosed by a qualified professional and Sleep Treatment commenced.   Another merit of making sure the diagnosis is made by a qualified medical professional is that you will get help in determining the best way you want to address the issue.

 Individuals suffering from Obstructive sleep apnea will also find wearing an oral appliance when going to sleep very helpful.  You may feel some discomfort the first time you use the appliance but things do get better as you continue its use.  With the dental device in sleep apnea treatment on, the airway won’t collapse the moment you fall asleep.  You will experience improvement on using the oral device because it holds the tongue to avoid airway obstruction and it also ensures your jaw is forward allowing you to breathe easily during your sleep.  This item is usually unique for everyone.  Anyone who suffers moderate or mild sleep apnea should try this option.

 Surgical operations are not that appealing to many people but there is a surgery that can help with sleep apnea.  The throat can have a lot of tissue which collapses when you fall asleep hence blocking your airway and the surgery aims at eliminating it or reducing it considerably to the point where it does not bother you. This kind of surgery is minimally invasive but depending on your situation it can be complex.   You should seriously consider going through with the surgery if the main cause for the obstruction is the uvula, soft palate, tonsils, adenoids, tongue, upper/lower jaw.  Weight loss will also solve the problem if you are experiencing sleep apnea due to being overweight.


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